Our investment philosophy

We're publishing our approach to investing for the whole world to read. We've included the main pillars of our philosophy below, and our complete statement can be read here.


Simplicity is key.  

We prefer investments that people can easily understand. This encourages our customers to take a closer interest into their investments and we think that is key to a more positive investing experience.


Finding the right funds.

Our investment committee carefully reviews funds from a range of providers before selecting the ones that are both affordable and suitable to the needs of our customers.

MAcbook_ETF Image.png

Exchange Traded Funds ("ETF").

An ETF is a security that tracks the performance of different assets. We're offering ETFs because they are an affordable way to gain exposure to everything from diversified portfolios to specific sectors, themes and/or geographies.


The work of experts.

Our investment committee consists of financial professionals who convene regularly to review our processes and guarantee that Fountain is always acting in the best interest of its customers.