A Word From The Founders

Investing is tricky.

First you have to find the right investments, then you have to choose some sort of platform, all the while navigating through mountains of acronyms like ISAs, LISAs, SIPPs and then….ZzZzZzZ.

It’s pretty easy to see why many people ignore investing altogether, forfeiting the opportunity to grow their money however big or small their treasure chest. This is problematic, especially for millennials, who, by any standard will need their money to work harder than previous generations. Home ownership for people in their 20s and 30s has dwindled in recent years, and wages are flatlining. But despite the grey facts: millennials are optimists. We want to jump on the housing ladder, start a business, travel the world. The most constrained generation of recent times? Maybe. The most ambitious? Definitely.

There is ample data showing that millennials are frustrated with traditional financial services and lack the necessary resources to make the right decisions. In an age of open information, we’ve been paralyzed by the abundance of advice from blogs, tube adverts, water cooler posters and know-it-all family members.

The trouble with taking generic financial advice is that no two people have similar relationships with money. Some are frugal, others frivolous. Some prefer risky investments, others safe and steady. Some are in a rush to buy their first home, others to travel. In every case, people make financial decisions based on personal preferences and circumstances. Personalized advice is much needed.

Unfortunately, financial advice in the UK is too expensive and concentrated amongst a small number of professionals and savvy investors. It hasn’t trickled down to everyone. There’s an irony to all this: the rich can access financial advice to maximize every pound, but those who really need to move up the ladder are left high and dry.

Stunned by the scale of this problem, we rolled up our sleeves to better understand “what kind of investment advice do millennials actually want”? It was clear. Millennials want investment advice that will help them reach their goals: the keys to a first home, a dream wedding, or the trip of a lifetime. Oh yeah and it better be affordable, convenient and on my smartphone, duh?

Fountain was born. We’re a goal based investing platform and using smart technology to build investment plans that can help you reach your goals more effectively. By automating the advice process, and bringing it online, we can offer bespoke investment plans at a fraction of the cost of a traditional advisor. Our technology builds the most effective investment plan for your specific goals- so if you’re investing towards a first-home, our plan will include LISAs that offer government perks and tax-free gains for those looking to jump on the property ladder. That’s right, finding free money to get there faster.

You don’t need to be a finance whizz to make the most of your money, our technology will do all the heavy lifting.

And that’s why we’re so excited about Fountain: Investment advice that revolves entirely around you and your goals, without the unfair costs.

We’ve embarked on one hell of a journey, and we’d love to have you join us for the ride.

Dann & Nishil, Co-Founders