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Goals matter

We're better with our money when we have a goal in mind. That's why our personalised investment plans revolve around your goals. Whether it's a first home or a well deserved sabbatical, we'll get you there. 


Investing should be for everyone

By combining smart people with new technology, Fountain is making personalised investment advice more accessible than ever.

Here for the long run

Your investments should change as your life changes. Whether it's a first home or your retirement, we’ll help you invest towards life’s many milestones.




Happy to help

Intelligent chatbots and friendly experts.

Investment plans that revolve around your lifestyle.

Start with a £10 investment and low fees.


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The perfect plan

Tell us your goals and we’ll do the rest. Our technology matches your goals to tax friendly products like ISAs, LISAs or SIPPs and select investments that suit you.

Sit back, relax and start investing



Watch your money grow

Your money will be safely invested into a broad range of stocks and bonds, so you don't put all your eggs in one basket. 


Everyone is excited about Fountain

Join the queue of people who are eager to start investing with Fountain.

Disclaimer: Fountain is not yet authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority. If you are looking to receive financial advice, please speak with a qualified advisor and conduct your own research.