Our approach

We break down our investments into easy to understand themes and labels, so you know exactly what you are investing into. Fountain takes a holistic approach to investing that revolves around your values, goals, and attitude to risk. From heavily diversified portfolios to eco-friendly investments, you're sorted. 

Stocks and shares ISA

Invest in a Stocks and Shares ISA to make the most of your annual tax free allowance of £20,000 whereby any profits are sheltered from taxes on gains or income. If you are looking to invest more than your annual ISA allowance, we also have a General Investment Account (“GIA”) in place.

Core investments

Start building your portfolio with our simplified, and highly diversified funds, that consist of 6,000 securities from around the world. 

Thematic investments

Invest in themes you care about and economic trends that you find exciting. 


Alternative investments

Coming soon

Important: When investing your money, your capital can increase as well as decrease in value. With our investments, as with any other investments, your capital is at risk.