Investment app

Invest with experts and achieve your goals.

When you invest more than £1,000, you’ll gain unfettered access to Fountain’s money coaches and investment advisors to help you identify, plan and achieve your financial goals.

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Investment advisor that is helpful and friendly

We’ll help you get there.

When you invest over £1,000, your dedicated money coach and advisor will design an investment plan that is aligned with your preferences and lifestyle goals.

Whether it’s an early retirement or simply growing your savings, our experts are happy to help.

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Wealth management available through an investment app

Low fees, always.

You’ll pay 0.36% in annual account fees for a Stocks and Shares ISA or General Investment Account (“GIA”).

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Thematic Funds holding with background.png

Reputable funds that outperform.

Our five funds cater to everyday people with ranging attitudes towards investing, from cautious to adventurous.

Our funds have regularly outperformed Cash ISAs and are a more effective way to grow your money towards important life goals like retirement or a rainy day.