6 Months @ Fountain: We're Just Getting Started

Cheers to our first 6 months, what a ride.

We celebrated with a feature on NowThis Media that received over 150,000 views on Facebook and heaps of incoming messages, sign-ups and excitement around Fountain. It means the world to us.

At first, we wanted to make pensions more accessible. It seemed like an area within finance that was old, archaic, and under-addressing the needs of millennials. Further, with the throngs of new freelancers who can’t rely on workplace pensions, we thought we found a nice little niche.

Still, we were hesitant to go further without speaking to our target audience. Is this a good idea or does it just sound like a good idea? Is this a much needed painkiller or just a “nice to have” vitamin?

After hosting countless community events, coffees, interviews, and now *famous* pizza and beer nights. We discovered that the problem was much larger. Pensions are important, sure. Retirement should be simplified, of course.

But what was even more important to our target audience were the keys to a first-home, a dream wedding, memorable holiday, and even a retirement somewhere down the road. Whilst many people knew what their goals and aspirations were, they didn’t know how to get there and overwhelmed by the mountains of financial products and unnecessary jargon. We turned our attention to goal-based investing, and haven’t looked back since.

Here we are. A few months later, we’re already developing proprietary technology and friendly chatbots to help you with your finances. We’re simplifying investing for the smartphone generation, by making it easy and relatable.

If you’re interested in Fountain, and our ambitions to simplify investing for millennials. We want to hear from you, reach out to us at hello@fountain.money and please join our beta community. We’d love to have you onboard as we prepare for launch.