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Your (very own) wealth advisor.

Fountain is combining unique technology with in-house financial advisors. By doing so, we're making personalised investing more accessible than ever. If you like great technology but still appreciate a human touch, you've come to the right place.  


Investing made exciting.

In addition to several highly diversified portfolios, you can invest in themes and trends you care about. From tech companies to green energy - build a portfolio that reflects your values and preferences.

Advice that matters.

Receive the advice you need to invest towards your goals from our friendly advisors. Don't worry, everything will be laid out in plain english. 




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You're in control. 

Track your progress and investments through our dashboard. You can always message our chatbot if you have questions or speak with one of our qualified advisors.



Launching soon.

By combining novel technology with helpful advisors, Fountain is empowering people to invest towards their goals. Join our waitlist, and get ready to have your very own wealth advisor. 



Important: When investing your money, your capital can increase as well as decrease in value. With our investments, as with any other investments, your capital is at risk.